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The core expertise of Vibhavari is Watershed Management. Vibhavari has worked in areas where natural challenges like very low groundwater level, extensive soil erosion, less productive agricultural land, etc., were in glaring existence. By incorporating a well-planned strategy and encouraging community participation, Vibhavari succeeded in bringing desired changes and thus bringing livelihood in these areas. Panpat success story is a remarkable example of Vibhavari’s efforts.

More than 75,000 farmer families have been benefited from various watershed projects in over 100 villages with increased ground water level and effective irrigation facilities. As a result, increase in irrigated land went up to 20,000 hectare in rain fed area and income went up 10 to 12,000 per hectare.

Resource agency for Watershed management

Vibhavari has been recognized as an Expert training and capacity building for Watershed management the Training wing of Vibhavari provides consultancy for planning, technical and community participation methods for watershed projects. Vibhavari has developed some successful modals of community participation including JAL YATRA , JAL JAJAM , PANI CHAUPAL , HATAI

Roof water harvesting movement

The City of Dewas was struggling with a major water crisis in year 1990; the situation was so grim that even drinking water was transported to the city that year. As opposed to that year, in a decade’s time, the water level of the city rose in a dramatic fashion making it self-dependent for its water needs. The credit goes to Roof Water Harvesting System designed and developed by one of the founder members of Vibhavari.

Vibhavari developed a very low-priced model for roof water harvesting. It is worth mentioning here that during the years 1999 to 2001, there was significant work done in the field of water enrichment using this technique in about 2000 houses of Dewas city.