Panch Mudra Bank

NRM through Panch Mudra Bank is an innovative modal of community based sustainable Natural Resource Management. Vibhavari has come up with a new idea of involving village communities in NRM. This concept establishes a system of natural resource bank of a village and its annual audit. More than 2000 families are aware of it and are contributing to the NRM.

Farm Pond: A success model for small and marginalized farmers.

Tubewells have always been an expensive and risky source of irrigation for small and marginalized farmers, leaving them limited to a single crop per year. Providing technical and financial support to build farm ponds proved to be a huge success for such farmers. Vibhavari has been successful in helping and uplifting hundreds of farmers by this way, while constructing more than 300 farm ponds in a cluster of 23 villages of Sehore district.

Rewa Sagar

Vibhavari is proudly associated with community based water conservation program - Rewa Sagar. Organization has worked at Tonk block in its home district Dewas and gave support to farmers for digging their own farm ponds. More than 1500 farm ponds were constructed by farmers on their own, which is a live model of doubling income of the farmers.


A transit walk of a watershed area with community.


A common platform for bureaucrats, technocrats, political leaders and community representatives to talk about water management.

3. Pani Pariwar

A social form of a water user group for maintenance and equal distribution of benefits from a water structure.