Vibhavari proudly possesses state-level recognition in the field of sanitation. Vibhavari is a proud partner in planning and implementing TSC in more the 12 districts of MP. Vibhavari has earmarked different strategies for different target groups such as rural women, public representatives, and school going children.

Vibhavari has been working with UNICEF, UN Habitat & ITC on WASH (School Sanitation) with special focus on behavioral change as well as construction and operation & maintenance of sanitation facilities in government schools in rural areas of M.P.

Organization has achieved a remarkable success in areas of toilet use, hand washing, and developing a community based mechanism for operation and maintenance of sanitation facilities in schools.

Supported by ITC MSK
2015 - till date
Sehore, M.P.

Vibhavari has conducted WASH programs in more then 70 schools of Sehore, M.P. It is a holistic approach program, which includes structural work like construction of toilet facilities, hand wash units, water supply provision, boundary walls, solar pumps, RWH and informative activities like training and capacity building of stakeholders including teachers, SMC members, MDM workers and members of child cabinet.


2019 – 20
Supported by UNICEF , BIHAR

To create a competitive environment in the State through State benchmarking system and support the government in making all the School WASH Compliant in a phased manner. And To create a cadre of Master Trainers on state benchmarking system to support the schools for WASH Compliance.

Achieving sustainable and equitable access of WASH in schools of MP
Supported by UNICEF , BHOPAL

Clean School Awards

In the year 2017-18, 17 out of 23 WASH projects in schools of Sehore, M.P., had received Green School Award by Government of India in Sehore district.

As extended achievements for Vibhavari’s WASH team, 2 schools got state-level Special Clean School Award and 3 schools received district-level rewards. Two schools, Government Middle School, Dudalai, and Government Middle School, Amajhir, were nominated for national-level honors.