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The organization

VIBHAVARI is a non-profit voluntary organization. It is registered under Registration of Firms & Societies Act, 1973 (Reg. No. 1570), and is formed with the aim of promoting sustainable development at both rural and urban levels.

Since its registration in 1997, Vibhavari has been working at field level as an implementation partner and consultant with Government and national & international agencies in almost entire Madhya Pradesh.

Vibhavari is authorized to work across the length and breadth of India and has got 12A, 80G certificates along with affiliations under FCRA, GST, and is also registered with Niti Ayog.


Vibhavari aspires to serve its best to the entire humanity irrespective of gender caste and creed .We visualize a society maintaining perfect harmony in social , cultural , economical and environmental dimensions.


  • To work for the social, cultural and financial development of the community.
  • To strengthen Government and Social Institutions to develop sustainable models of development.
  • To work for protection and conservation of natural resources.

Our Partners

Our Directors


Dr Sunil Chaturvedi

M Sc Hydrogeology , M A Sociology
Research work -Traditional water conservation structures of malva -Nimar, M.P

Dr. Sunil Chaturvedi is a hydro-geologist working dedicatedly in the field water conservation for 35 years in personal capacity and also serving as the director of an NGO VIBHAVARI.

Dr. Sunil is a subject specialized consultant for water management serving governmental and non-governmental agencies where his expertise is not only limited to mere consultancy but he has been managing several water conservation projects across the state working in the capacity of the director of Vibhavari.

Dr. Chaturvedi is also an author of several books including Pani de gud dhani de, Ruko boond, Bundo ki Manuhar ( co-author ), Khel-Khilona: A hand book on primary education etc

Dr. Chaturvedi is a Co-developer of village resource Centre equipped with demo units of water Conservation, Advance Agriculture, Sanitation, etc abbreviated as VIHAN(Village institute of human advancement).

Dr. Chaturvedi also worked as journalist for a long period of time. He still writes on social issues and is a well-known author for creating some beautiful novels like Mahamaya, Kalichaat, Gafil and a small story collection known as Visit Gareebi. Dr. Chaturvedi’s literary work is acclaimed by Vagheshwari award, Ravindra Kaliya smriti award etc. A feature film made on his novel Kalichaat has won 22 national and international awards.

E MAIL - Sunil.vibhavari@gmail.com

Mobile - 09425047557


Dr. Sonal Sharma

M.A MPhil Social Science & LLB Research work – Impact of MGNREGA

Dr. Sharma is profound social worker and a subject expert for training and capacity building. She has devoted 21 years in VIBHAVARI working on natural resource management, sanitation and livelihood programs etc.

She has authored many books and manuals on watershed management, sanitation, livelihood agriculture etc including Swachchta pothi, Nirmal Sajal Ganv, Eka, Bitiya Suno etc.

Dr. Sharma is a Co-developer of village resource Centre equipped with demo units of water Conservation, Advance Agriculture, Sanitation etc abbreviated as VIHAN(Village institute of human advancement).

Dr. Sharma is a creative writer who loves writing in different variations like poetries, write ups, film criticisms, books and stories on social subjects etc. Dr. Sharma is well known for her literary works like Pata Nahi (poetry), Film banti hai aur banati bhi hai (Diary journal) and Koshisho ki diary (A social worker’s diary).

E MAIL - sonal.vibhavari@gmail.com

Mobile - 09826008585

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