सभी सुखी होवें सदा होवे सभी निरोग,
सबका ही कल्याण हो नहीं कहीं दुःख भोग !

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About Us

Vibhavari was established in the year 1997 by a team of young and energetic professionals as a consulting & research organization. It is a non profit organization dedicated to development. It was formed with the aim of promoting sustainable development at both rural and urban level. The organization is registered under Registration of Firms & Societies Act, 1973.

Vibhavari firmly believes in active participation of community for sustainable development. At the heart of the organization is the aim to inform and make human resource aware about the available natural resources. The organization also aims at establishing a rapo between the common man and his natural surroundings for balanced & secured livelihood.


To develop an eco-friendly and socially well organized society through active participation of the stakeholders.


  • The organization will strive to find ways of sustainable development based on the use and management of natural resources.
  • The organization shall make tireless efforts for integrated development of society (together with financial progress) keeping in view the social as well as cultural reforms.
  • The organization shall endeavour for human resource development based on indigenous knowledge through capacity building according to the need of modern age.