Watershed Management

The core expertise of Vibhavari is Watershed Management. Vibhavari has worked in areas where natural challenges like very low groundwater level, extensive soil erosion, less productive agricultural land, etc., were in glaring existence. By incorporating a well-planned strategy and encouraging community participation, Vibhavari succeeded in bringing desired changes and thus bringing livelihood in these areas. Panpat success story is a remarkable example of Vibhavari’s efforts.

More than 75,000 farmer families have been benefited from various watershed projects in over 100 villages with increased ground water level and effective irrigation facilities. As a result, increase in irrigated land went up to 20,000 hectare in rain fed area and income went up 10 to 12,000 per hectare.

IWMP – 5
RGWM, Bhopal (M.P.)
2013 – 2019
Alirajpur, (M.P.)

The aim of this watershed project in the villages of a tribal belt in Madhya Pradesh is to increase the availability of water for irrigation, This would lead to more jobs in agriculture and will reduce migration.

This area has been treated on the principles of Ridge to Valley of watershed technique, which included plantation, contour trench, gully plugging, loose boulder, gabion and stop-dam construction.

Soil Moisture Conservation Program
Currant Assignments
2015 - till date
Supported by ITC MSK

Vibhavari is working as implementation partner for Soil Moisture Conservation Program under ITC Mission Sunehara Kal in Sehore district covering more than 45 villages. This program include area treatment, construction of farm ponds & irrigation tanks, group wells, plantation, water & soil conservation activities, etc.

In last 4 years, about 1800 hectare land was treated, benefitting roughly 6000 families.