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Vihan Training Centre

VIHAN is a training wing of VIBHAVARI. VIBHAVARI is a registered NGO dedicated to water conservation and other rural development activities for last twelve years, VIHAN i.e. Village Institute for Human. AdvaNcement is established in a village GOLA GUTHAN in DEWAS District .

This training centre situated in picturesque beautiful natural surroundings. Its location is midst of dense sagon plantation and green fields.

VIHAN has to its credit several training programmes conducted at VIHAN premises as well as in different districts of M P. For conducting training outside the premises, a mobile training unit meeting all the state-of-art training amenities has been setup.

Presently, we are imparting training programme for UNICEF as a regional training center for REWA. In the REWA zone we trained Master Teacher, Master Motivators, Master Massions of forteen districts on Sanitation programe.