Swachchh Shala

Jagmag Sena

In the year 2008, an innovative modal for WASH had evolved as Jagmag Sena Jagmag sena is a group of students who took responsibility to conduct WASH activities in their respective schools upon themselves. This further led to formation of Child Cabinet.

Jagmag Newsletter

Jagmag Newsletter was published for giving a platform to voice of children to know their views on child rights and WASH issues. This has provided a forum to children where they can share their experiences and new ideas on WASH and this sharing is intended to provide learnings to sanitation planners and workers.

About 15 editions of Jagmag have been prepared by students in middle schools of Guna and Dewas districts and published with the support of UNICEF & ITC.

Soap Bank

Soap Bank is a new innovation by Vibhavari to ensure availability of soap in schools for hand wash. Students used to donate soaps to their Soap Bank on his/her birthday. This evokes a proud feeling of contributing something and in turn receiving genuine wishes by other students. The Soap Bank is a very successful and sustainable modal and is spreading on its own.

Pad bank