Swachchh Bharat


Jagran is an ongoing program, which is an in-situ training cum workshop on TSC. Jagaran has gained tremendous success as it succeeded in motivating villagers of nearly 100 villages to adopt sanitation practices. This program involved almost every villager of these villages.

Agua Bahini - Social Movement for TSC

Agua Bahini, a campaign designed and developed by Vibhavari gained big support of rural women where they voluntarily shouldered the responsibility of making their village a ‘Nirmal Gram.’

To make TSC a social movement, for the first time the village women were brought on forefronts. These women were trained and motivated to propagate sanitation and hygiene practices in rural areas. More the 10 villages of Rewa districts got Nirmal Gram Award by Govt. of India. The campaign had its origin in Rewa District of M.P. State. The movement is still in progress and thousands of women are working to promote sanitation in different villages of the region.

Jaibee Thaila Campaign

A social movement to protect environment

Vibhavari made its contribution towards spreading awareness against pollution of environment. Polythene, the biggest hazard for a clean and healthy environment, A substitute for cheap polythene bags, Jaibee Thaila was designed and promoted in districts of Khandwa & Dewas, M.P., by the organization.