Quality Education

Khel Khilone

An innovative approach to promote primary education in rural areas.

Khel Khilone is a concept which involves use of local resources and expertise to devise certain tools to make school campus attractive for children. These tools not only ornamented the school but were very successful in promoting learning in primary school students. This innovation helped in reducing the dropout level & increased community involvement, which results in social monitoring of the school. It was a self-funded project, which earned appreciation from World Bank Team.

Panpat ki Kitab

Following the premise of Known-to-Unknown, members of Vibhavari used the ‘Book of Village’ with kids of middle school. This book teaches not only about geography of village, along with agriculture, soil and water, and forest, but also motivates for preservation and promotion of same. This book explains and develops understanding of local society, arts, culture, and history and moves on to explain district, state, and national subjects.

Navankur: An innovation experimented in Pre-Primary Education

Vibhavari deeply understood the vacuum of elementary education in government schools and prepared an innovative experiment model under the title Navankur, a pre-school education center in Anganwaries, which are the village-level institutions run by government’s Woman & Child Development Department. The pilot project had been conducted by the support of ITC MSK in two anganwaries of Sehore district. The program was inaugurated by Education Minister, Mr. Deepak Joshi, who appreciated the program for its uniqueness and potential.

Community led Government School

As a welfare state, government provides well-educated and trained teachers, decent infrastructure, midday meal, free books, uniform, scholarships, etc. So, on one hand, all these resources and expenditure are being wasted and on other hand poor villagers are being burdened with private school fees and other related expenses.

If a village adopts the government school in it and clubs its own resources and finances to it, it can turn the same government school in a model school it dreams for its children Vibhavari is working aggressively on this concept and this can gain further speed if any CSR agency provides help to achieve objectives.