Agricultural Enhancement

Agriculture activities are fundamental base of rural economy. These are not just limited to land farming, but there are numerous other related activities concerning farm laborers and animal husbandry, which completes the definition.

Vibhavari is working for agriculture income enhancement through advanced agricultural practices, organic farming and climate adoptive agriculture as strategies for agricultural development.

Agricultural Income Enhancement

Vibhavari has been conducting a consultancy program for agricultural income enhancement by providing information on new scientific techniques and other related information to farmers. Farmers have adopted these new techniques including advance irrigation systems such as drip watering and sprinkler systems, new and better seeds, organic farming and integrated pest management techniques. This not only reduced the expenditure but also resulted in better crop yield.

Climate Smart Agriculture
2015 -till date
Sehore, Agar, Ujjain, Ratlam (M.P.)

Implementation area : 117 villages of Sehore, Agar, Ratlam & Ujjain districts

Climate smart Agriculture is an approach for developing agricultural practices adaptive for climate change and to increase agricultural productivity and income. This program will help develop CSV Climate Smart Village through training and capacity building of farmers for climate change adaptive agriculture.

About 2700 farmers are directly involved in the program as Champion Farmers. Every champion farmer is implementing Climate Smart agricultural techniques under guidance of a team of agricultural experts.

New dimensions in Agriculture

Field Farmer school:

FFS are the key component of Agricultural Income Enhancement program supported by ITC Mission Sunehara Kal in Sehore district. This program includes training & capacity building of farmers through and introducing advanced technologies.

Productive Structures Model

Vibhavari has developed water conservation structures as a productive modal for farmers. In this modal, the bund of irrigation tank can be used for toor production, a farm pond can be used for vegetables cultivation, medkhanti or the trenches can be used as khanti nadep. This modal motivates small and marginalized farmers for water conservation.

Customer Hiring Centres

Customer Hiring Centres are the equipment’s centers being run by the farmers In Sehore district, at village level to provide advanced equipment to farmers on very little rent. This is a key step to promote advanced practices among even small & marginalized farmers.

Organic Farming Campaign

Vibhavari started organic Farming Campaign in the year 2006-07. This campaign was aimed to promote organic farming with use of organic manure. Campaign also highlighted organic pest control methods and its benefits in more than 10 districts of M.P. More than 10,000 farmers adopted organic farming and started benefitting from it.

Soil Health Campaign

The prevalent agricultural practices like deforestation, uncontrolled use of fertilizers and pesticides, extensive water usage for irrigation, etc., lead to depletion of top layer of soil. Our regular agri-practices are exploiting this layer to the extent of permanent damage. Vibhavari conducted soil health awareness camps and gave farmers necessary information about their farmland soil quality and pattern with the help of soil testing kit. Campaign covered 30 villages of Dewas district with the help of Land Care, Australia.